What to bring

Victorian weather is notoriously changeable. Be prepared for a variety of weather, with the possibility of cold, windy and wet conditions.
It is not necessary to ‘dress’ for evening meals; casual, comfortable clothing is sufficient.

Essential items

Hiking Boots/Shoes
It is essential that any hiking boots are “broken in” (i.e. walked in/worn every day for at least three or four weeks prior to wearing them on the Walk for Wilai).
There are many hiking boots on the market, and you need to find the best boot for your foot configuration. One recommended brand, that adjusts well to the individual shape of your foot; and has a durable sole and comfortable uppers is the SCARPA brand.

Wigwam brand Hiking socks are highly recommended.

Day pack
A Day Back Pack – with “camel” water holder inside is advisable.

First Aid kit
You will need a Personal first aid kit that includes a variety of Band aids! For those prone to blisters consider a few Compeeds which are basically a hardcore bandaids that protect while sticking to your skin until your blister has healed.

Rain jacket/Poncho

Long-sleeve shirt with collar (for sun protection)


Long pants

Warm jacket and warm hat

High factor sunscreen

Insect repellent



Watch or alarm clock

Sleeping Bag
(Make sure it is the right sleeping bag for YOU! See here for some advice.)


Walking poles/sticks
(Highly recommended) See further information here.


Sandals or thongs

**Please note: A Towel will be provided.**