Volunteers Needed!

 It takes a Village to raise a child!

It also takes a Village to bring together such an amazing event,
such as the Walk for Wilai!

If you are not walking [or would only like to do a small amount of walking each day] please consider volunteering!

We need you!

Here are just a few of the roles we still need volunteers for:

  • bus drivers (for two 12-seaters)

(to help transport pilgrims and luggage)

  • breakfast & lunch helpers

(to assist with preparation of these meals)

  • accompaniment persons

(to be companions/listeners)

  • support team member

(maintaining check points and pilgrims’ safety)

  • first aid persons

(providing support and medical care to the pilgrims)

  • chef

(providing meals for the support team and pilgrims)

  • supply purchaser

(responsible for purchasing fresh food and supplies)

  • 4 WD Driver

(responsible for transporting luggage from each accommodation location and
collecting pilgrims as required from remote access areas)


How much does it cost?

Volunteers are HALF PRICE – $750.

What is provided?

 All accommodation, meals, a journal, special T-shirt, plus all the other benefits provided to pilgrims.

You can read further about “What’s included” here.

Why not sign up and be part of this unique experience?

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