Agreement and Liability



SERVICE PROVIDER:                        Wilai Foundation Ltd.

RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY:             “Walk for Wilai” and any associated training.


  1. The Service Provider is providing a recreational activity referred to above.
  2. The Participant wishes to take part in the recreational activity.
  3. The Service Provider has rules and conditions in relation to the conduct of the activity to which the Participant must adhere.
  4. The Service Provider requires the Participant to agree to abide by those rules and conditions and considers it appropriate that such agreement be reduced to writing.


  1. The Participant agrees:
  • To dress appropriately to mitigate risk of physical injury to himself or herself;
  • That the Service Provider is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of any of his or her personal property during the activity;
  • To observe all rules, guidelines, safety procedures and directions provided by the Service Provider during the activity;
  • That the Service Provider in its absolute discretion may remove him or her from any part of the activity, or modify the activity for any reason and he or she will abide by the Service Provider’s decision;
  • That no refund is payable in the circumstances outlined in (iv);
  • To pay for any costs incurred, or reimburse the Service Provider for any cost paid for by the Service Provider for any medical attention, ambulance and medication incurred by him or her in the case of any emergency during the activity;
  • To pay the minimum fundraising contribution required for the activity for the benefit of the Service Provider:
  • To the Service Provider listing his or her name as a Participant and to use, reuse, reproduce, publish, republish any photographs, video recordings or any other record, in any medium, of his or her participation in the activity.


  1. Participation in the recreational activity involves strenuous physical activity and inherent risks, including the risk of personal injury, and even death.


  1. The Participant acknowledges:
  • that the activity being undertaken is being undertaken for the purpose of recreation, enjoyment or leisure and involves a significant degree of physical risk;
  • that during all times he or she is attending the recreational activity he or she does so at his or her own risk;
  • that he or she will not hold the Provider or any of its employees or agents liable for any personal injury or breach of contract whether caused by the negligence of the Provider its employees or agents howsoever caused or otherwise;
  • that if he or she is in difficulty that he or she is to stop the activity and seek help or assistance and advice;
  • that in the case of an emergency, where it is impracticable to communicate with him or her, the Provider is authorised to arrange such medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary and he or she undertakes to pay or reimburse costs which may be incurred for such medical attention, ambulance transport and medication;
  • that by signing this form he or she is waiving his or her right to sue the Provider for personal injury or death that result from any negligence by the Provider its employees or agents;
  • that the Provider may rely on this document in any proceedings commenced in any Court by him or her or by his or her heirs executors or assigns.