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The Problem of Childhood Statelessness

The Problem of Childhood Statelessness

A child without any nationality can face a lifetime of discrimination. Statelessness can profoundly affect the ability of children to access education and adequate healthcare, and to fulfill their ambitions and dreams for the future. Preventing and  ending childhood statelessness is the best way to stop the spread of the problem. Ensuring that no child is left stateless will lead to better enjoyment of human rights by individuals and improved development outcomes for communities and States.


Objectives of the Coalition

The Coalition aims to develop, expand and strengthen international co-operation to raise awareness about and combat the  hidden problem of childhood statelessness. It also aims to promote the right of every child to acquire a nationality. The Coalition seeks to engage in activities that will help to:

  • Ensure that no child is born stateless
  • Eliminate laws and practices that deny children nationality on discriminatory grounds
  • Remove gender discrimination from nationality laws
  • Improve birth registration to prevent statelessness
  • Encourage States to accede to the UN Statelessness Conventions

Every Child’s Right to a Nationality – UNHCR and UNICEF joint Coalition

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