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Why Don’t these 10 Million People Belong?

Why don’t these 10 million people belong?
We are looking at a city like any other, these are the people who’ve in the city, they live work and play freely thanks to their rights. Everybody except him. He is imprisoned by an invisible barrier. His crime – being stateless. That means he is not a citizen of any state. With citizenship he could enjoy all he rights most of us take for granted. But for a stateless person that is impossible. In the world today there are over 10 million stateless people – legally they don’t exist. It’s time to do something for them.

We are ready to make our voices heard. We believe that if we take a stand, others will join us. And if enough of us stand up we will end this inhumanity. That is why UNHCR has launched the Campaign to End Statelessness in 10 years.

Sixty years ago, the world agreed to protect stateless people.
Now it’s time to end statelessness itself. We need ten million signatures to change ten million lives.
Please join us:

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